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Fit & Healthy Steps,         
is an interactive online physical activity challenge that tracks your daily walking activity, taking you on a virtual tour throughout Victoria. 

When are we walking?
The Fit & Healthy Steps Challenge commences in conjunction with the London Olympics opening ceremony, Friday July 27th, 2012 and runs for 10 weeks.  The challenge is conducted more than once a year.  You can join in at any time.  Please contact our office for the next available starting time and details.

Why walk?
Recent research suggests for every hour you walk you will add an hour to your life. 

Walking for health?
Throughout the program we will walk off over 594,773 kilojoules or the equivalent of 539 blocks of chocolate.

Walking for workplaces?
Corporate employees engaging in daily physical activity are less overweight and take half the sick days of those individuals engaging in two or less days of activity a week.

Who walks?

The average person will walk about 128,000km in a lifetime - that's more than three times around the earth.  The Fit & Healthy Steps Challenge navigates through some of your states most beautiful towns and parklands encouraging you to walk over 2,500kms throughout the program. 

What's in it for you?
All Fit & Healthy Steps participants receive a Fit & Healthy Steps pedometer, a Brooks drawstring bag, continuous support and healthy information throughout the program and rewards and giveaways....want to hear more?

Fit & Healthy Steps is asking you to find every opportunity to get walking - why?  Getting the recommended 30 minutes or so of exercise a day may not be enough to prevent obesity and diabetes if it is followed by hours sitting behind a desk, Melbourne International Diabetes Institute researchers have recently identified. 

"You can spend two hours a day being very active, and the remaining 22 hours sitting on your rear end," Associate Professor Shaw said.  While the two hours of exercise would be beneficial, doing nothing for so long would erode that benefit, he said. 

Need a better reason to get your workplace active?  Contact us for more healthy workplace solutions and ask us about free diabetes screening for your workplace.

Having a large waist measurement or waist hip ratio greatly increases your risk to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a range of modifiable illnesses.

Fit & Healthy Steps participants can receive free A3 posters to distribute in your workplace and assist in promoting an active, healthy employee culture.  Contact us to receive your free posters today.

 The Fit & Healthy Steps feedback continues.....please share your story.







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